Reducing Homelessness

Mark believes the homelessness we are seeing in our communities is unacceptable. That’s why he is fighting to build more affordable housing, expand access to shelters and treatment programs, and put more resources into local public safety. Mark even went against his own party to oppose legislation that allows camping on our streets.


Fighting Crime

As a former police officer in the U.S. Air Force, Mark has dedicated his career to protecting the safety of our families. In the State Senate, Mark will increase funding for law enforcement so they have the resources they need to fight crime, hold criminals accountable, and keep our streets safe. As a veteran, Mark also knows that weapons of war have no place in our neighborhoods. That’s why he is the only candidate who will fight for common-sense gun safety reforms that will keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals.


Lowering the Cost of Living

As a young child raised by a single mom, Mark and his brother struggled, experiencing hunger and homelessness. He knows what it’s like to struggle – and the soaring costs facing Oregon families are personal to him. That’s why Mark is fighting to reduce costs by making housing more affordable, lowering the cost of healthcare and prescription drug prices, investing in affordable childcare, and opposing tolling.


Defending Abortion Access and Women's Health

Mark is the only candidate in this race will protect access to birth control and defend a woman’s right to choose. Mark believes that these are medical decisions that should be made by a woman with her doctor – not by politicians. The overturning of Roe v. Wade has left abortion access up to each individual state, and as a State Senator, Mark will continue to protect women’s health and stand against efforts to roll back the progress we’ve made.


Investing in Quality Education

Mark knows that our kids are the best investment we can make for Oregon’s future. Mark helped pass the Student Success Act – the largest increase in school funding in 30 years. Mark will defend those investments from cuts and ensure our students have the best opportunities to succeed and reach their full potential. In the State Senate, Mark will fight for more student mental health services, expand career technical education in our high schools, and ensure our local community colleges are well-supported.


Opposing Tolling of I-205

Mark is firmly opposed to tolling on our local highways and roads. Mark has been leading the fight against tolling of I-205 in the Oregon Legislature since his first term in 2017, when he voted no on the transportation package the included authorization of tolling. Since then, Mark has been proud to sponsor bipartisan legislation that would prevent tolling – and even helped divert funding from Portland’s Rose Quarter project to bring those dollars here to Clackamas County.


Protecting Seniors

Mark believes seniors should be able to age with dignity in their homes or, when necessary, in assisted living facilities. Mark kept a promise he made when he first ran for office by voting to prevent elder abuse and improve residential care standards for seniors. Mark is also the only candidate we can count on to fight the big pharmaceutical companies and cap the price of prescription drugs.